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Revere Beard Oil - Bergamot, Amber, Sage, Musk

S'mores On Your Beard? YES PLEASE

This scent is the bomb! S'mores under your nose all day long. Need I say more? Performance is 100% on point, oil does it's job, and the butter keeps beard soft all day with just enough hold to keep it where you want it. Great work Miner's 🤘😎🤘

Hubby loves it.

This is my favorite scent so far out of all the ones my husband uses.

Candy Collector Beard Oil
Love this scent!

I got the candy collector and I love it! Its a very refreshing sweet candy apple scent that is well balanced with no overpowering single note... well done! Oil base keeps my beard soft and doesnt tack up. Candy collector crushes!

Breath of Fresh Air

Definitely a breath of fresh air. This is a very fresh, clean scent that lasts all day. One can clearly pick up on the bergamot, sage, and musk. I don't personally pick up the Amber which I usually associate with a warmer type of scent, however this is a very masculine, fresh, clean scent that seems to be very approachable, that my wife, daughter, and niece all seem to like.

Great scent

Love the apple smell. I like it better than any other Apple pie scent I have tried.

Mayhem Beard Oil
Keith Gomez
Smells and feels awesome

Awesome product that spreads evenly and smells like a cherry and chocolate pie with a side of spiced apples. A great fall scent to keep your spirits high!


Great product makes my beard super soft and I love the sent

Just get it for fall

THIS is the perfect fall scent!
Ladies love it. Miner's never disappoints. 👍

Not quite what I expected

Pros:. Performance on All of Miner's products are very good, the oil & butter both get the job done, and leave your beard very soft all day as well as smelling nice all day.
Cons:. This isn't quite what I expected after reading the scent description. I was expecting more along the lines of a pipe smoke, with a scent more on the lighter mellow side, this one (which does smell pleasant) is a very strong, in your face cologne type of scent. It's scent strength is on the higher side, I'd say 8/10. Again this is a pleasant smelling scent, but unfortunately it's not quite in my wheelhouse as far as my preference goes, just meaning it's not one I go out of my way to reach for every day like some of my others.

Love it!

Great scent with quality Miner’s Beard performance.

Mayhem Beard Oil

This scent smells like it came from a horror movie but in a good way the apple pulp was different from the others but a great product

Outcast Beard Butter
Michael English
My new favorite scent combination

Who knew an outcast in the post apocalyptic wasteland would smell so nice?

Hubby loves it!

Smells amazing! Hubby loves Every scent I bought him.

nibiru scent

its a very clean, cool, and woodsy scent. i very much like what miners do, they usually hit it out of the park tho with the holiday scents, must have :)

Great scent that lasts

Great scent that lasts my whole 12 hour day.this one and psycho spice are my 2 favorites


Smells do damn good like dandy I almost dropped a drop on my tongue smells so good and the smell lasts all day. Will buy again

Haunted Carni Beard Oil & Butter Combo

The Covenant Beard Butter
William Griffin
Good scent

It smells good the scent is just a bit faint

Excellent smell!! Excellent softness!!

I love the smell of this one and the best part is that my wife loves it too! Miners products are 100% my favorite and my go to! They smell great and I put butter on every night before bed and every morning! Let me tell you when I wake up my beard is as soft as ever!

Very intriguing fall scent

This scent starts off with a spicy top and rounds off with a very buttery vanilla finish. My only issue(if any) is the spicy top fades very quickly in my opinion, more so on the butter than the oil.
The performance is very good, the butter leaves your beard very soft all through the day or sleeping through the night.

The Covenant

This is not what I expected. It was better. It isn't over powering at all, but strong enough to turn heads. And the feel in beard, is spot on. My beard is like soft rabbit fur. I'd like to think that this is what Jesus smelled like. Maybe, maybe not. But either way, this is a fantastic oil. Thank you gentlemen.

solid and consistent

this is the beard oil that introduced me to Miners, and I get it every time I order. I get tons of compliments for it and I can't recommend it enough. good year round

The Hubs is in love

Great people, products are FANTASTIC!

Smells too sweet.

Good stuff but smells a little too sweet. Review Medals



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